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Into The Desert

Into The Desert

Sometimes the only place for recovering religious junkies to go is the desert, far from the somewhat maddening crowd of religious and spiritual discussion, the marketplace of conceptual takes on Ultimate Reality.

Many of us have been so over-stimulated by religious or spiritual thought that we have to pull back from the psycho-spiritual games that are commonly played out in their respective worlds. Yes one can have too much truth, or at least too much perceived truth. Our poor wee brains eventually go into shutdown mode in order to maintain our sanity.

This I believe, is the reason that so many religious and spiritual seekers eventually put the shutters up and move on into a more normal state of being, a place where the confused dust of inner turmoil can settle once more on the journey home.

Playing our theological and esoteric mind games, our ping-pong matches of Socratic discussion  can be great fun for a while, but eventually the soul screams, ‘No more!’.

Strange as it may seem, it’s at this point that we are closest to finding the One who lies behind our psycho-spiritual desire. Yet, we are gently asked to take a detox journey, one far from the hustle and bustle of established religion and East-West gurus.

Our destination is the desert, that inner place of aloneness where all true Friends of Divine Love have pitched their camp at one time or another. Here the discussion and arguments are stilled with only God and our inner Self for travelling companions. Thankfully Divine Love doesn’t bombard us with a multitude of words nor indeed Bible verses. Those days are over. No, we have been led into the wilderness where nothing gets in the way of true communion except the dregs and remnants of our previous take on reality.

As we lie there, shattered and contemplating the healing touch of atheism, or at least that of agnosticism, we sense  a gentle Presence wrapping itself around us, One initially without words, One content to just be in the company of burnt-out humanity, the scorched soul of religious and spiritual war games.

This desert, this place without the outer support structures of certainty and belief, is strangely our closest port of call to the Transcendence that we call God. For here, bereft of our religious drug of attack and defence, we lie open to the gaze of One who fills All in All. We are seen for who we are; human beings who really haven’t a clue about what makes us  tick or indeed what makes the Divine tick.

Here man shall not live by words alone but by every Breath of Spirit that wafts around our tortured Self, the battered victim of the religious quest and its salesmen, the spiritual experts. To be honest such experts are as screwed up as the next man; they only disguise it with their beatific smiles and got it together body language.

Here we get a chance to touch base with Source, to let our Transcendent Parent come within, in the overwhelming glory of Immanence. Here in the desert our life changes, for time and eternity, whatever that is. When the desert has done its thing in the river of Divine purpose, it releases us back into the crazy world of man, even that wackiest of worlds, the hearts and minds of our fellow seekers and believers, those caught up in the psycho-spiritual twister of belief.

Divine Love isn’t afraid of deserts.

Are we?





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Where Do My Thoughts Come From?

Where Do My Thoughts Come From?

Our conscious mind is a membrane linking two worlds

1) The Lower subconscious, the hidden psychic cellar where our wounded sub-personalities rule and      dominate.

2) The Higher spirit Self, our portal into the Mystery of Divine Love

Every conscious thought comes from either ‘above’ or ‘below’.

Dylan Morrison

This conscious mind of ours is truly a weird and yet wonderful phenomenon. Most of the time it presents itself as our sole reality, the place where we think and store up thoughts, interpreting our place in the material world around us.

It lies.

As I’ve expressed above, I reckon instead that it’s an amazing membrane of sorts, one that doubles up as a virtual screen for the projections of our hidden selves. Please let me explain.

The rational man sees the conscious mind as a translator and transmitter of our the messages picked up from our solid, material world of form. Once this belief is accepted he boldly walks his way through the highs and lows of life, hoping that somehow he’ll make it through. A little more effort here a little more manipulation there and the odds may fall in his favor regarding success and indeed survival. Let’s be honest that’s where most of us began as human beings, programmed by those who’d been there and done that.

Thankfully something is usually sent along in life that makes us doubt our dearly beloved Linus blanket paradigm. The transpersonal crisis that eventually kicks in, sends us spinning, desperately looking for a lifeboat to save us from the sinking of our long-held mindset.

I believe such an experience to be sent or at least allowed by Divine Love in conjunction with our true Self; an opportunity to wake up to deeper realities that script our daily lives.

Through the shocking turmoil of our personal catastrophe we awaken to two new psychic kids on the block.

1) Our lower subconscious

This dark realm of our inner world has, unknown to us, been pulling the strings of our sense of being since early childhood, if not before. Here, the fragmented little selves, born of early trauma and rejection hang out in little warring gangs or clusters, each attempting to protect us from further pain and abandonment. ‘Nobody loves you except us!’ is their subliminal message of dependency, the hook that keeps us under their control whilst walking in our illusion of freedom. This inner community, collectively known as ego, dominates our waking hours, constantly releasing their take on our outer reality into the welcoming membrane of  consciousness.

However once the Cruise Missile of our transpersonal crisis strikes hits, all hell breaks loose, or rather our sub-personality defenders crawl out of the wreckage to make a public appearance in the light of day. They bubble up in full war paint to challenge our new reality, the wreckage of our devastated belief system. Here we let it all hang out, at least temporarily; such a popping out of our subconscious woodwork is a valuable opportunity for our little aspects of me to meet the Unconditional Love that waits patiently on the other side of my consciousness membrane.

2) The Higher Self or spirit.

Above our normal state of consciousness lies a Divine spark from the Eternal Fire, a mirrored presence of the One in whom we live and move and have our Being. Known in religious parlance as the human spirit, it is altogether other from the realm of our fragmented psyche-soul, the me that has taken refuge in the  safety of the lower subconscious. In Mind, Body, Circles this ‘I Am’ essence is commonly referred to as the Higher Self, the part of me that is somehow connected to the Unity of Cosmic Consciousness. For me it is the Divine Image as suggested by the author of the Genesis myth, that which operates like God, a reflector of Divine Love, one without rivalry. During our ego dominated stage of life, Divine Love sometimes trickles down through our spirit to imprint itself on our conscious membrane. This occasional little flash of enlightenment and awareness is, I believe, a precursor to a realigned life that often lies up ahead on the other side of our personal hell or transpersonal crisis, the catalyst for psycho-spiritual change.

I believe that our journey through this space-time reality was designed to be a two-way flow of Life. The constant knowing of Divine Presence as channelled by spirit into the realm of our unified psyche-soul, the interpreter and director of our flood of sensory body linked experiences. The psyche soul would in turn offer back its sense of earthly Self to the worship of Divine Dance. The ebb and flow of the spirit-psyche tide on the shores of consciousness were to birth the greatest of experiences – an eternal Sense of Wonder.

As we pass through the storms of life let’s realise where they are leading. To the increasing awareness of this psycho-spiritual partnership. As ego screams from the darkness of pain, may spirit embrace and welcome it home to the Light of Divine Love. May the continuing restoration of our sub-personalites into the  accepting Presence  of  Spirit Source be an everlasting celebration, a party fit for both men and angels.


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The Pearl

The Pearl

‘A pearl of great price lies deep within.

The result of the Divine Dance that birthed our Being.

Life has polished it so that it may shine through into the darkness of our conscious mind.’

Dylan Morrison

Let me be frank!

Somewhere within the mundane mess of life there lies something very precious indeed; something hidden to our fragmented psyche-soul, commonly referred to as the ego; something hidden to our imposter persona, the mask with which we face the world and, more often or not, often ourselves.

In our youth we regularly rode off like the delusional Don Quixote to conquer our much desired windmills, the manifestations of our utopian dreams, our victories in the one- upmanship battles of life. Winning some and losing some was the name of our passionate game, our sense of reality in this space-time sea of opportunity.

And yet, even in the intoxicating elation and depression of such a psychic game, there sometimes appeared, totally without warning, a little glimmer of something other, something totally other. Unknown to ego, this teasing treasure was the goal of our frantic search all along, this little deposit of Divine essence.

By its very Nature, Divine Love cannot help but share itself, creating something of itself in all that it births; rumours of glory or reflected Presence if you like. The One Way overflow of  such a giving Other is somewhat hilarious if it wasn’t so profoundly awe-inspiring. A God with no concern for the security of uniqueness, the illusionary jealousy that fuels our own survival egos.

Partnering itself in the Divine Dance, the Source of All flings the essence of its Being into the Void of Nothingness, the seed bed of our beginning, the womb of the Transcendent Morning. A fire is lit in the tinderbox of compressed energy, one that will burn into Being, the Being of Self, the reflected I AM.

And so we enter this Mystery, this darkness disguised as light, with an insatiable hunger in our hearts for reconnection and knowing. In the Nighttime of our Journey we bump into the obstacles set up by ego, those stumbling blocks that shout their message of despair and hope. ‘Not here,’ they call out in their skewed integrity, ‘The One you search for lies beyond.’ Like a seemingly endless game of Cosmic pin-ball we bump from one dark friend to another until the time has come.

Ego lies exhausted at the feet of Presence. The Divine process has done its thing. Something catches our desperate I, an inner glimpse of Light, a constant and persistent  luminescence that will not yield to the death wails of our fractured psyche-soul. The Time of Unveiling has come; the fiery Pearl within takes its place in the darkened throne room of our conscious mind. The lights have finally come on in the reason filled corners of our thought filled understanding.

The days for chasing religious, spiritual and philosophical windmills have come to an end. We have come Home.

The Nazarene smiles.

Dylan’s Author page ~ http://www.amazon.com/author/dylanmorrison

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Speaking In Tongues

Speaking In Tongues

Nothing divides the religious world as much as the slightly spooky practice of speaking in tongues. Most Jesus followers of the Reformed tradition believe it to be totally obsolete for those on the spiritual path. If you’ve got the Bible that’s all one needs, apart that is from a trained pastor-teacher to feed you its gems! Meanwhile, Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians are only too willing to burst into tongues at the drop of an ecstatic hat, before trying to sell you their beatific experience! No wonder the non-Christian world shies away from such opposing camps, dismissively declaring ‘Thanks, but no thanks!’

Now, many books have been written for and against the modern psycho-spiritual phenomenon known as tongues speaking, or to give it its more respectable Greek name glossolalia. In this little article I’ve no intention of arguing my way through the theological minefield of trying to prove either the validity or spurious nature of this religious utterance, for like a well-loved security blanket, the proponents of either side of the argument are highly unlikely to change their minds. Instead, I wish to briefly examine the psycho-spiritual practice from a slightly different perspective.

First, let me come clean! I am still a tongues speaker even after all my painful experiences within the somewhat whacky world of Charismatic Christianity. My disillusionment with the vision and often dysfunctional, hierarchical practices of faith groups within that particular religious stream have surprisingly not shifted this most unusual of verbal curiosities. Many of my fellow ex-Charismatics dumped their tongue many moons ago, as they ran back into the security of conservative Christianity or into the freeing wilderness of non-belief.

Let’s face it – speaking in tongues doesn’t have a particularly good press. Wide-eyed fanatics dancing wildly in little wooden churches while belting out their glossolalic gushings to all and sundry, do tend to make the casual onlooker more than a little nervous. Send for the ‘Ghostbusters’ or the men in white coats is one’s instinctive reaction! Yet, the experience of being in a crowd of well-behaved tongues singers is a most uplifting spiritual high; one similar to tuning into the most sublime Gregorian chants. There is definitely something to this strange but comforting occurence, but what?

Let me come at this question from the angle of mimetic desire and the freedom of the Queendom/Kingdom of God. In our day-to-day consciousness, ego or fragmented psyche is never far away. When pressure situations unexpectedly confront us our little ego warrior is always there ready to protect us, albeit by demonizing the other, the one blamed for our fast-approaching catastrophe. The pre-wired fight or flight tendency within the neural programming of our magnificent central nervous system, is all too willing to work hand in hand with our edgy ego advocate. Sadly, it looks like we’re stuck with such an automatic reflex response to perceived, if often illusory, dangers. Or are we?

Saul of Taurus, aka St. Paul, who claimed to be the most prolific of tongues speakers within the early Yeshua movement, has a somewhat interesting take on things. He claims that glossolalia is a verbal expression of the human spirit; a psycho-spiritual link joining our inner Divine Spark to the transcendent Divine Fire without. In previous articles I’ve suggested that experiential salvation has less to do with escaping a fearful fiery hell and more to do with our release from our internal psychic prison, viz. our skewed desire center and its ego ally.

So may I respectfully suggest that tongues speaking is a psychic switch of sorts, a tool to unhook us, albeit temporarily, from the dominance of our conscious mind and its default desire settings. In other words, the voluntary act of speaking in an unlearned language is a form of desire detachment, a realignment with our spirit I AM, and subsequently, an experiential connection with the energising flow of Divine Presence. The tongue in question is somehow tuning our inner receiver into the Divine channel, while defusing our psychological tendency for desire conflict.

Without having to enter into an uncontrollable, frenzied state of nihilistic abandonment, the tongues speaker has consciously moved into an altered state of consciousness, one where they retain full control but have a therapeutic, detached space in which to breathe – a mini ‘holy of holies’ if you like, one free from the constant chatter of their restless, love-starved sub-personalities.

So where does that leave us? Well, for me, the gift of tongues is an authentic psycho-spiritual ability for the purpose of disengagement and connection. To disengage from the swirling desire Matrix in which we all swim – to connect to our core Self and its Mother Ship, Divine Love. Though best done in private I reckon, far from the showbiz settings of white-suited TV evangelists and their somewhat hypnotised followers.

Dylan’s Author Page ~ https://goo.gl/7BJ8JR

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Paul ~ the chosen One or one among many?

Paul ~ the chosen One or one among many?

Some days I wonder what today’s Yeshua movement would be like if Saul, the persecutor Rabbi hadn’t fallen off his Damascus Road donkey. Suppose the Jewish scholar-policeman had just ‘pulled himself together’ and spurred his trusty ass on towards another religious roundup; how would the Way, later to morph into Christianity, appear in 2013? Call me strange but this somewhat unsettling quirky, what if thinking seems to be part of my Irish psycho-spiritual makeup, so please bear with me!

Many today believe the true Gospel or Good News to be the pure revelation of God as expounded in the writings of Saul. Their reasoning goes something like this:

Yeshua came to teach the Kingdom of God, it was largely rejected by his listeners, and so God and he switched to plan B, that had really been plan A all along viz. his death and resurrection. So far so good to a point. In the early days of the embryonic, Jerusalem, Yeshua community it would appear that his followers, including his ex-disciples didn’t get it quite right! Except for Stephen that is  for he, like Yeshua before him, drew the mob violence of the religious establishment upon himself, becoming the first so-called Christian martyr, for only Truth tends to draw the raging genie out of a highly polished sacred lamp.

Yet, the reasoning goes that God still hadn’t got His perfect message out! Even though the Jerusalem gang had lived with Yeshua during his space-time mission and had  been taught by him post resurrection over many days, a finer intellect was needed, one who would really get it.

And so we arrive at Saul, aka Paul and his stumbling attempts to understand the One who’d knocked him off  his perch as Temple sponsored Inquisitor in Chief. The big transformation in Paul however took place somewhere else, one where most of his old religious paradigm seems to have rapidly gone down the metaphysical drain. This Pauline womb of creativity appears to have been the Arabian, or more accurately, the Jordanian desert, where the new convert claimed to have been caught up into the Jewish Third Heaven and granted unspeakable glimpses of Ultimate Reality. This is where Paul professed to have gained his insights into the whole Yeshua phenomenon, later described by him as my Gospel or Good News‘.

Later writing to his fellow Yeshua followers in Galatia, the new apostle claimed not to have received his teachings from Peter and his Jerusalem friends  but directly from the risen Yeshua. Clearly then, the converted Rabbi was what is commonly called a mystic, one who receives direct revelation from Divine Source, rather than the status quo teaching of his contemporaries.

So what, if any, is the big problem?

Wasn’t Paul clearly sent along to lift the message of Yeshua and his former disciples to a whole new level, one that the Gentile would could accept without all those painful Jewish disciplines such as circumcision? Let’s face it; which of us men wouldn’t have signed up to be a Paulian?

Well, looking back at things from our 21st century perspective it’s hard to see the problems, but problems there certainly were once Paul added his mystical mix to the existing Yeshua mythology. Many of us have observed hints of the religious rivalry within the early Yeshua movement as described in the book of Acts, a Pauline stream account of the tensions between his followers and the fledgling movement’s elder statesmen back in Jerusalem with their particularly Jewish take on their risen leader. Let’s be honest: there must be a wee bit of Pauline propaganda in Luke’s Acts narrative; no-one writes to paint their charismatic leader as a ‘heretic’ but rather the bearer of a superior revelation, one that surpasses the previously accepted take on spiritual reality. Paul, In reality Paul was only one among many interpreters of the whole Yeshua event, those who jostled for the label of God sanctioned teacher. The early Yeshua movement was I’m afraid, not one big happy family but a collage of metaphysical takes on the revolutionary Nazarene, one with it’s all too obvious tensions and rivalries.

Three centuries on the Pauline interpretation of Yeshua’s execution and resurrection were later confirmed by the Constantine instigated Counsel of Nicaea as Christian with letters accredited to his authorship later included in the accepted Canon of Holy Writings, known as the New Testament.

So what’s the big deal you say?

Well, may I humbly suggest that Paul’s writings have gained a super status position within Reformed Theology and its modern love children viz. evangelicalism and its Pentecostal and Charismatic offshoots; one that is, all things considered, spiritually unhealthy. Having been raised to the level of Sacred Scripture, Paul’s metaphysical musings infer that the Gospel narrative accounts of Yeshua’s life and teaching don’t quite reveal the Mysteries of the Cosmos. The Tao/Logos in human form did not fully reveal all that needed to be revealed. Neither in fact do the other relatively recently discovered accounts of the early Yeshua movement, in the form of the so-called ‘Gnostic Gospels’.

Am I suggesting that we shouldn’t read Paul’s or his disciples’ take on Yeshua. No not at all. There is clearly something rich and unique within his narratives that reflect the awe and wonder of the mystical Yeshua, the Cosmic Christ to borrow a New Age term. Rather, what I am suggesting is that we have ignored the Gospel narratives, both canonical and excluded, at our peril. Our spirituality has been based on Pauline interpretation, giving us a one-sided limp on our pilgrimage home. Personally I believe that all that we require to come into mimetic salvation with the Divine Source is contained hidden within the overly familiarized Yeshua accounts within the accepted Gospels.

May I humbly suggest that God didn’t grab Rabbi Saul to be ‘the’ authentic interpreter or indeed founder of ‘Christianity’, as many modern Yeshua followers subliminally believe, but to paint a uniquely colored stroke on the multifarious canvas of Divine Truth.

So let’s dip into the rich variety of religious writings that abound around the person of Yeshua rather than remain Paul freaks. To do so will make us more sensitive to our own inner Journey and that of those around us. Life, especially the spiritual life, is full of surprises.

Dylan’s Author page ~ https://www.amazon.com/author/dylanmorrison

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The Divine Touch

The Divine Touch

Throughout history, the mystics of all religions have experienced a Divine Communication beyond words. Today we in the Western, and indeed world-wide, religious environs are constantly bombarded by a multiplicity of words. The proliferation of mass media has been an answer to the spiritual teacher’s prayer. Literally, millions of books, pod-casts, blogs, sermons, costly seminars, YouTube videos, CDs etc, are regularly hawked to help us get in touch with God. It would appear that God needs a major commercial helping hand in order to communicate the message of Divine Love to His word hungry kids, but that’s a post for another day.

But what if instead of learning how to tune into an occasional message from God we learned to continually relax in Divine Presence by totally changing our perception of Spirit and how or why it communicates. If we underwent this seismic shift in our transcendent thinking our wallets would be a bit more available to the poor and a lot less open to the ‘professional’ religious or New Age gurus who enjoy the money driven high-life.

So what am I suggesting?

Well, as we all know, a good relationship depends on clear and consistent communication. So if our Source hopes to enjoy one with us then such a clarity of dialogue must surely issue from the Divine Heart.

Ah, but God has already spoken in the Sacred Writings you say! ‘I believe every jot, word and tittle of the Holy Bible, Koran, Vedas, or Book of my choice.’ Well OK, I can go along with that but does that mean that in pursuing intimacy with us Sacred Breath only spouts Holy Texts. If we want to hear the Divine must we study and limit ourselves to the sacred texts? If a young man is deeply in love with a young woman is he limited to reading her love letters, rather than calling her on the phone or even better, meeting and embracing his beloved cheek to cheek? Somehow I suspect that such a letter reading relationship wouldn’t last for long.

It’s here that Christians step in to say that God has also spoken to mankind by visiting us in the form of Yeshua, the Nazarene prophet-teacher. Yep I can also go along with that. The Logos, the Greek designed Word or expression of the Divine animating principle of the Cosmos, became flesh and dwelt among us. A fleshed out expression of the Divine Nature. Yet, he is not with us in visible form today. How do we have a relationship with a Master that we can no longer feel and touch? Some have suggested ‘obedience’ to his teachings as the key, but is that authentic relationship or just another religious duty to the unseen and distant God.

Well Yeshua himself seemed to suggest some answers to our predicament in the form of Sacred Breath or Spirit Wind. No-one can see wind but they can certainly feel it. Is there some way that we can feel Divine Presence where words become almost irrelevant. Like two lovers sitting and holding hands, reading each others thoughts through some form of love-struck telepathy may we not also feel the Presence of  Sacred Unity, the One who has chased us down through the years. That sense of knowing that we are loved, rather than the forced mind games of believing that we are loved.

So are words important?

Well yes and no!

God is a God of few words but also One of overflowing Presence, a companion who takes us to a place where speech becomes almost unnecessary. A state of confidence birthed by Divine initiative, the fruit of Divine longing, a longing to embrace and saturate the Sons and Daughters of His Desire. Many claim to have come home to God. Perhaps it is God who has come home to us, his chosen resting place in the unbounded open spaces of our multidimensional Cosmos. It’s what Source has always longed for; an extended expression of itself to Love and Nurture, a companion to ride alongside on the Spirit Plains of Being, the great expanse of Divine Communion.

Queen’s Freddie Mercury once sang, ‘I need somebody to love’. Perhaps the greatest Lover of all is in the same boat, which might just explain why we’re here at all, waiting in the Spirit of saturated Silence.


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Hang-gliding To Heaven

Hang-gliding To Heaven

They’ve arrived. The swallows that is, all the way from South Africa to the supposedly summer climes of rural Lincolnshire, England. As I look out over the nearby lagoon at their dramatic acrobatic flight display I’ve got to admit that I’m just a little jealous.


Well frankly, I wouldn’t have minded being a bird, permanently in flight, twisting and turning my way through the lower heavens towards my next snack of unsuspecting flies. The slight adjustment of  wing with its resulting daredevil feats seem to shout one thing at me ‘I was born to fly, to be carried on the wind currents of my earth free world’.

Yes, I’ve flown in a plane, both large and small but it’s not the same; pretty boring in fact. Best to fall asleep and wake up at the inevitable bumpy landing. No, I think the only way to get close to the swallow thing is to take up hang gliding, surely one of the craziest but most exhilarating leisure pursuits to have entered into the heart of man. If I wasn’t such a coward I might give it a go. Nothing up there but me and the wide blue heavens. The wind whirling around my little flightsuit as I hang on for grim death – well rather to avoid an extremely grim death.

Just me up there and no-one to dictate to me unless an F-16 flies by with pilot thumbs urgently pointing to earth. What a life! Where will the wind carry me next? The fusion of man will and nature’s element. True Oneness.

OK, so a 56-year-old Irishman like me isn’t really going to get up there. Yet my heart yearns for the freedom of flight. Why? Has something been wired into my Being by a Creator who didn’t give me wings. Is it just a Divine tease or can I fly in some way unknown to conventional wisdom?

I believe so. We were created to fly, not in the space-time material world but in the invisible, but none the less real, realm of Spirit. Spirit, Breath, Wind, all descriptions of that part of the Divine than seems to permeate and overlap this world of things and stuff. An unseen Presence to the unenlightened eye but to one ‘born from above’ a heaven of God-ness granted for us to soar through, like excited angels on their day off.

Many would love to fly but fearful decide to stay rooted on seemingly solid ground looking enviously up at those gliding towards the mid-day Sun. Yeshua promised to fill our beings with Spirit, the same Wind Presence that enabled Him to soar during His earthly sojourn. If ever a man flew high it was Him, close to the Father’s heart, the very reflection of Divine Love. Yet it was Spirit who carried Him there! The same Spirit that’s supposedly fear free and ready to go!

Should I stay on the ground and be a good little religious boy or should I let Him carry me where He wills? Many of us, believing ourselves to be free flying, cheat by taking a flight on Church Airways, where the trusty pastor pilots have had few crashes and a safety record, second to none! How much easier to let the organization take care of my flight desires, by buckling me into my economy pew and reassuring me of my chosen destination. A few inspiring captain updates and Bob’s your uncle – flying Home without risk.

What a travesty of the Spirit filled life. Me, Spirit and God’s high heaven. That sounds more like Yeshua’s take on things. Who knows, we might even bump into the odd frequent flyer up there too. Where two or three are hang gliding there I am in the midst!

Now where did I put that helmet?

Dylan’s author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/dylanmorrison

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In the last post, through an understanding of our fragmented ego and its previously hidden subpersonalities, we were able to reintegrate our psyche firstly by means of an external (therapist) followed by an internal (Higher Self or I), authentic unifying centre.

This realignment of the psyche with our Higher Self or spirit, can I believe only come about through the mysterious process of mimesis. Mimesis, or mimetic desire, is simply the usually unconscious gravitational pull of  another’s desire upon our own.

Let’s give a simple example.

A young single man knows a young lady to whom he is not drawn relationally. His closest friend suddenly and unexpectedly announces his courtship of the young lady in question. Strangely something starts to take a foothold within the previously uninterested young man. A desire begins to stir within for the already spoken for young lady and so begins the rivalry love triangle made famous by playwrights throughout the ages.

What accounts for this sudden shift of desire. Has the young lady in question had a make-over and a personality transplant. No, our subject has been infected by the desire of his now romantic friend. Like a strong magnet, his friends desire has aligned his own in the direction of the now common target – the affections of the young lady.

Such a malevolent mimetic process is the core of the human condition.

What has this to do with our realignment of  psyche and spirit? Namely this: the mimetic process, although now skewed in dysfunctional humanity,was originally a Divine gift, granted for our contentment and well being. Spirit, due to its Divine Source is a powerful desire magnet in comparison that of the fragmented ego.

When the reintegration of our psyches begins the mimetic power of the spirit Higher Self kicks in to hold the newly formed psychic family together. Our spirit’s desire for unity and unconditional love infects the newly reconciled subpersonalities bringing a feeling of wholeness to our psyche.

From where does our human spirit obtain its healing magnetism?

Simply put, from its Source, the Divinity from whom it was birthed. The Divine mimetic power was replicated in the spirit of man.

The Divine purpose all along has been the individual alignment of psyche and spirit with His Spirit. Such is the message of the Eden story where Divinity communed with mankind before his desire centre was skewed through the magnetic mimesis of the adversarial serpent.

As seekers of Truth we are simply asked to allow our ‘desire’ centers to be realigned in the direction of the Divine magnetic flux – to live and move and have our being in the sea of Divine Desire.

The result of this spiritual mimesis will be seen by all as we reflect the image of our Divine Source.

Maybe at last they will say ‘You’re Just Like Your Father in Heaven’

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In the last post we saw that once our subpersonalities have been loved into the open, reliving the pain of their traumatic birth and welcomed without condemnation into the family of our psyche that psychological healing takes place.

This process usually takes place initially in the presence of an authentic unifying centre – an unconditionally loving counsellor or friend who replays the role of  the ‘parent’ figure in the initial formation of the individual’s psyche. The psyche is given, if you like, another opportunity to form as originally planned by its Source. The deeply buried subpersonalities are welcomed but rewired to play their enriching role within the totality of the hereto painfully fragmented psyche.

Does this mean, however, that the individual becomes permanently dependent on the external authentic unifying centre for their future sense of well-being, like a child who never develops to a place of individuation from  its parents?

Thankfully not. Such a non-judgemental ‘parental’ role is temporary, similar to the jump leads needed to start a car’s engine when the battery is flat. Who then replaces the external authenticator to host the developing family of the psyche round the table of  acceptance?

To answer this let’s first look at two aspects of our being:

The Psyche or Soul

This is the part of us that comes into being through our interface with the external world, particularly our conscious sense of ‘I’, our self-image reflected onto our psychic screen by those around us. Ideally, but rarely this psyche ought to be a genuine, if earthed, reflection of the essential aspect of our Being, viz our Higher Self or spirit.

Spirit or Higher Self

This aspect of who we are is the original essence planted into ‘us’ by the Creative Source or Divinity behind the Cosmos. Timeless and unchangeable this is our lifeline, our contact point with the Divine and  the Love Energy that keeps the whole Cosmos running. Indeed this spirit or Higher Self is the imprint of the Divine Spirit on our humanity, a reflection, if you like of the Godhead itself.

Simply put, in a perfect world our soul or psyche would be a reflection of our spirit Higher Self, which in turn would be a reflection of  our Divine Source. Thus would Divinity paint itself on the canvas of  humanity, earthed in a multitude of unique representations that reflect the fathomless nature of its Being.

So who takes over the job of authentic unifying centre in our psychological healing, the host of our reintegrated subpersonality meal?

The answer is simple if strangely puzzling to the non integrated ego. The Higher Self begins to emerge from its previously hidden position in our Higher Unconscious, the home of our spiritual/intuitive nature.

With its constancy and connection to the Unconditional Love of the Divine it is well placed to fulfill its original role as authenticator of  the soul Self. Rather than taking our sense of psychic Self from those around us it is this new revelation of our Spirit Self that quietens our previously tantrum prone survival subpersonalities, integrating them within a reborn psyche.

Once we realise that the previously fragmented ego is no longer  the hiding place of our much sought sense of peace, we can tap into the Wisdom of our Higher Self or spirit, the missing link with Divine Source and its unconditional Love.

Yeshua, the Second Adam, was the incarnation of such a Divine flow of Love and Energy. Perfectly aligned within Himself and with the Divine Father he showed us what we’d been created for – intimacy and communion with a non condemning Creator.

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Dream On

Dream On

Dream On

‘In the dream, in a night vision, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon one’s bed; then He opens mankind’s ears and seals their instruction…..’

Job 33 v 15-16

In the previous chapter we examined the phenomenon of visions and their relevance to the spiritual walk. I now want to investigate the role of dreams in such a journey.

I’d been a follower of Yeshua for more than 40 years before I discovered this strange, almost hidden quote from the Jewish book of Job. I wonder why? One possible reason may be its liberating suggestion that Divine communication may not be dependent on a sermon or homily from a professional preacher. In the judgement of the priestly class it may be too dangerous for people to hear God’s Voice for themselves.

In ancient societies dreams were understood to be a means of communication from the gods; today many native peoples still hold to that premise. We in the West, following the arrival of 20th century psychology and its cohort neuroscience, have concluded that the ancient practice of dream interpretation as a channel of Divine messaging was no more than superstition. Yet the fact remains that scientists still can’t fully explain the dream phenomenon; we just believe they can.

As with visions most Western religious adherents are deeply suspicious of anything outside the intellectual framework of faith. Letting go of the conscious mind’s control is seen as a no-go area. ‘You never know what could happen?’ we’re warned. We hear horror stories of folk who think they’re Napoleon, Joan of Arc or even more terrible, Jesus Christ Himself.

As a result we shy away from our subconscious minds believing that if we stuff our heads full of ‘good Bible teaching’ then God should be able to get through to us. Before continuing let me emphatically reassure you that I believe Divine Spirit can communicate through the Bible or a sermon based on it if He so chooses. Hence my Evangelical friends can continue to sleep easily in their theological beds.

So let’s use a question and answer session once more to get to the bottom of the spiritual dream.

Can dreams be a Scriptural form of Divine communication?

Yes. See the above quote from Job and note the numerous dreams within both Jewish and Christian Scriptures. You’ll be surprised at how many dreams are hidden in there that we simply overlook or spiritualize away, Jacob’s angelic ladder being one of the most famous. Young Joseph rose to political power due to his God-given ability to interpret Pharoah’s nightmares. So too with the Babylonian captive Daniel.

But surely the New Testament is different?

No. Many of the leading New Testament characters recounted dreams, interpreting them as Divine communication. Mary’s future husband Joseph, Pilate’s wife and the mystically inclined Saint Paul. There are others.

Are all dreams Divine messages?

Personally I don’t think so. Scientists claim that dreams are merely brain’s activity that safely files away the day’s new data. I can live with that for some dreams, especially after I’ve eaten a late night cheesy pizza!

What sets apart a dream with a message?

In my experience I often wake up from a significant dream with a start. They’re easy to recall and seem to have made their way firmly into the conscious mind.

What is the source of such messages?

I believe there are two sources – our Higher Self/ ‘I’ and Divine Spirit.

Can you clarify these two sources?

Often we mistakenly believe that we consist only of our conscious self. This controlling conscious self can often suppress information coming from the hidden realms of our Higher and Lower unconscious. A dream soured here is usually trying to get an important message across to me that will adjust and realign my inner life.

It may be a warning that my health is suffering due to suppressed emotion or memories. My primal wounding, often created by childhood trauma, is activating this dream warning system so I can take restorative action. I view these dreams as a kind of internal sprinkler system trying to put out the hidden fires that lie deep within my psyche.

Nightmares tend to originate in our Lower unconscious whereas positive, life enhancing dreams tend to spring from the Higher unconscious. This last area may be the home of spirit – the transpersonal aspect of Self that merges with the Divine.

Other dreams definitely seem to originate with the Divine Spirit, flowing down through the slopes of our Higher unconscious towards the awaiting conscious mind. Unlike our internal dreams these phenomena are birthed by an outside Intelligence known in religious parlance as God or Holy Spirit.

How can one distinguish between Divine and internal psychic messages?

Both kinds are important but a Divine message will usually have a future ‘vision’ element to it. Divinely sourced dreams are usually life affirming without any hint of fear. Strangely, they also tend to be in colour. Perhaps Spirit, as Creator, prefers not to work with the shadowy world of our internal grey dreams, instead activating the colour pixels to make our dream particularly lucid and alive; one that we’re unlikely to forget. Each person, of course, may be different but those dreams that I’ve interpreted for others that seem to be Divinely sourced are usually delivered in glorious Technicolor.

Why does God have to send me a dream?

The Divine loves to communicate with us, not just on Sundays but at all times. What stops this flow of communication is the blockage mechanism of the conscious mind which itself plays an important role in enabling us to function in the ‘material’ world. Often, however, such a mind dominates our essential Being by filtering out messages sent via our Higher unconscious.

Mystics, I believe, are those who’ve been able to realign the conscious mind into its proper place within the psyche thus releasing Higher forms of communication flow.

If Spirit can’t get through to us by conscious means then He/She will visit us when the defensive shield of our conscious mind is down i.e. when we’re asleep. Spirit’s goal as suggested by Job, is to open our ears, in other words to help us listen. If we don’t listen to the small, still Voice in our waking hours then it will communicate visually and audibly in a short dream clip.

What should I do with a dream upon waking?

If you can recall anything from your dream then write it down in a dream journal. More of the dream may reveal itself to the conscious mind later in the day if you use your waking memories as a handle on the dream. Ponder over it and don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to do so. You’re not being weird but trying to tune into the message that your psyche or Spirit is delivering to you. If assimilated such a message will enrich your life, maybe even bringing major changes in your Journey.

How do I interpret my dream? Do I need to buy a dream interpretation book? Do I need someone else to interpret it forme?

Dreams are deeply personal phenomena and like all pictorial revelation will usually be symbolic in nature. I find the multitude of dream interpretation books a big turn off – symbols appear to mean different things to different authors? How confusing is that!

If you’re just beginning to interpret your dreams, as with visions, ask Spirit for the interpretation. Be patient and the significance of the main players/events within the dream will pop into your conscious mind.

Another tip is to steep yourself in the imagery of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. If you’ve experienced a dream in which you’re riding a horse Scripture imagery can help you out?

Being on horseback is symbolic of holding authority. For example, The Horsemen in the Revelation of John were sent out with Divine authority to release certain events on Earth. God may be encouraging you to take authority, perhaps even Divine authority, in a particular situation that you’re presently facing. Remember Kings rode horses while foot-soldiers had to walk.

If you don’t feel comfortable interpreting your own dreams, try to find a genuinely spiritual friend who has some experience of revelatory gifts. He or she may be able to point you in the right direction but remember the dream is yours and you don’t require a guru to reveal the Divine mind. Perhaps talk the dream over with such a soul mate; if they think your interpretation is way out then be cautious. They may just be correct.

What will be the outcome of the interpretation?

Like visions, dreams are sent for a specific reason. They may point out present or approaching danger. By the way if you appear to die in a dream don’t panic; it usually represents the death of a psychological attachment within your psyche, not a physical death.

Usually dreams are sent for encouragement, revealing that you you are on the right track, the path of Wisdom. They also empower you by helping you to see yourself in a new way. For example, if you see yourself flying in a dream it may mean that you have heightened spiritual perception and can hear the Divine Voice. In some cases it may suggest that you’ve received a revelatory gifting for the service of others.

Job suggests that dreams can give sealed up instruction. The sealing may suggest a future purpose when the dream will be applicable. The unsealing may refer to the interpretation process that may take a little time, become clearer at future date.

What about repetitive dreams?

These would appear to be dreams of great depth that reveal a continual lesson that we’re finding difficult to absorb into our busy lives. I tend to believe that they originate in our Higher or Lower unconscious, revealing strong Primal Wounding issues. The repetition is a means of progressively healing us from such wounds or a sign that we may need further help by a trained and trusted therapist.

Can you relate one of your own dreams?

Of course. In my book The Prodigal Prophet I relate the following dream that proved extremely powerful in a stressful time of confusion and turmoil. It appears to be presently coming to fruition as I blog and write.

Here it is:

I was sitting in my parked car in Priory Hill Road, a street near my childhood home. As I sat there with the window rolled down a substitute history teacher from my old school approached me. He politely asked what I was going to do, now that I’d retired from teaching. I confidently replied, “I’m going to speak to people about the Lord”. I was as surprised by my reply in the dream as my ex-colleague. Being the disillusioned son of a retired clergyman he was a card carrying atheist and a very cynical one at that. At that point in the dream a police patrol car pulled up behind me and parked. I was convinced that the two police officers were coming to speak to me but instead they crossed the street and entered a nearby house. I suddenly looked down at my car clock and noticed it was 9.10 a.m. I quickly apologised to my teacher friend saying that I’d have to leave as I was late. Starting the car I drove off at speed.

As I lay in the stillness of the night the interpretation slowly came to me point by point.

The car was my life’s purpose.

At present I seemed to be going nowhere. I was resting close by, but not in, the religious world as represented by the close vicinity of Ballybrigg Priory.

My verbal response to the teacher’s question was my prophetic call to speak Divine Love into peoples’ lives.

I was replying to a history teacher’s question suggesting that my future purpose would be somehow bound up with my own personal history.

The policemen represented two of the authority figures that I’d experienced in my adult life as model obstacles; they would no longer bother me and be the focus of my life. The clock reading was highly significant.

9.10a.m. represented the end time of the designated pastoral period in my present school. During this fifteen minute period I’d be bombarded with the pastoral problems of both pupils and staff. My problem solving pastoral life within both the educational and religious worlds was now over.

Starting the car and heading off represented a new direction and purpose in my life that would become clearer in time.

Needless to say this dream deeply touched me, coming along as it did, exactly when I needed it. Could Divine Love really be so specific in its instructions? Is it trying to regularly reach others through dreams as they sleep? Can the Divine encourage, strengthen and sometimes warn through such dreams? My answer to all three questions was and still is an emphatic Yes.


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Visions On My Mind

Visions On My Mind

Have you ever had a vision? Yes, a real vision; not the kind of vision birthed by company marketing directors nor those instilled into congregations by ambitiously zealous preachers. I’d mischievously call both of the latter ego visions, financial, five-year, business plans for growth.

While we’re on the subject, I do sometimes wonder how such a profit producing business model got transplanted onto faith communities in the first place? Via their slick, new, entrepreneurial pastors perhaps? Well, that’s a critical topic for further discussion, perhaps in my next book!

People who’ve analysed their way through the Jewish and Christian Scriptures reckon that up to a third of them can be classified as either visions, dreams or prophecy. That sounds kind of risky to me. If I’d been the Divine Author I’d have made sure that they were full of theological treatises and a multitude of rules about how to live. But thankfully I wasn’t and so we’ve ended up with this very subjective content in the evolving Jewish/Christian God story that we call The Bible.

It would appear then that God isn’t one bit scared of visions, dreams or prophecies unlike most of His followers. ‘Sola Scriptura’ or ‘by Scripture Alone’ is the cry of the conservative Christian and yet Scripture itself is full of some very unusual, extra-sensory material.

Ok then, let’s get down to some serious questions and answers on visions.

Are followers of Yeshua able to receive personal visions from the Holy Spirit/Breath?

Yes. The guys in the New Testament era did, so why not us?

Is there the danger of us going off the religious rails if we ‘see’ visions?

Yes, but then so can a fundamentalist who wouldn’t recognise a vision if it hit them on his theologically filled head.

What is a vision?

It’s a pictorial mental image that conveys relevant Divine Wisdom or Truth.

How do I know it’s just not my imagination?

God uses the imagery section of the brain to communicate with us so their is nothing inherently wrong with imagination. It’s just a tool, a big plasma screen in our heads that can be used by Spirit to project His images.

Yes, but how do we be sure that our selfish ego hasn’t planted the vision on the screen?

Usually a Spirit vision catches us totally unawares for a brief second or two; in other words we haven’t had time to manufacture it.

Does it only happen when I pray or meditate?

No. A vision can happen anywhere and at any time. Some of mine come to me in the morning as I’m cleaning my teeth in the bathroom. Waking up time is a good time to expect pictorial communication from Spirit as your conscious mind hasn’t yet resumed control of your brain activity.

Should I expect rapturous feelings or uncontrollable weeping when I receive a vision?

Probably not, but you may feel a tingle down your spine or the hairs of your neck standing up. Our bodies are tuned to react to an encounter with Spirit, no matter how brief, in some sensational way.

What am I to do after I have a vision?

Ask Divine Love for the interpretation.

Why? Will it not be obvious?

No. The Divine Spirit often uses symbolic imagery to communicate truth to us; the Bible itself is full of lambs, flying winged creatures, coloured horses, with even a scarlet woman thrown in for good measure.

How do I discover the meaning of the imagery?

Please don’t buy any of those spiritual books that make their authors a fortune and thoroughly confuse you. The imagery is usually very personal to you and given a little time the various interpretations of characters or scenes in your vision will be deposited into your conscious mind.

What is the vision for?

It’s usually sent to encourage you that you’re on the right path in your spiritual journey. Occasionally it can be a warning to be careful of someone who has just recently popped into your life. Sometimes it contains an element that tells you what lies up ahead for you in the near or distant future. It usually confirms your already recognised sense of purpose.

How will I feel afterwards?

You will feel at peace; definitely not fearful. Divine Love in its perfection casts out fear. If it’s an extremely graphic vision yet produces fear forget it – you won’t offend God by ignoring it as He most definitely didn’t send it. Spirit isn’t into the fear business contrary to popular belief.

Will the Divine try again if I don’t acknowledge the vision?

Yes. Spirit Source is extremely patient and loves communicating with us. The vision may just cling to our consciousness over a period of a few weeks until we take it seriously. Sometimes Spirit will try again in another form if we don’t ‘get it’, perhaps by transferring the vision into the dream realm.

Can you give me an example of a vision you’ve had?

Yes, gladly.

Recently I was standing in my bathroom, shaving, when suddenly I saw in my mind’s eye a swan trying to take off over water. The vision ran like a short YouTube clip, the swan eventually getting airborne and flying gracefully over the water. Almost immediately the vision’s interpretation flowed into my consciousness bringing with it great sense of encouragement.

Later that morning I opened up my daily newspaper to see a photograph of two swans flying low above a river. The relevant caption explained that they were arriving for the new breeding season.

The following day I was visiting Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire when I saw two large swans attempting to get airborne over a long stretch of river.

I kindly told the Divine I’d received the message loud and clear. No more swans please.

Is this vision thing OK since we now have the Bible to read?

Yes. Yeshua Himself mentioned that Spirit would come and lead us into all truth, revealing the Abba of Divine Love to us; not just by interpreting previous visions but through us having our own.

How long are we to dwell on the vision?

It may be related to a long-term issue or be of immediate relevance. The effect of these short-term visions usually stay with me for a week or so, giving me time for further silent meditation when the power contained in the vision gets a chance to flow into my inner being.

May I conclude this chapter by humbly reassuring my dear Evangelical Christian friends that I still read the Bible, a unique book that inspires millions; it’s much more exciting now that it’s escaped the interpretation of professional preachers.


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