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Visions On My Mind

Visions On My Mind

Have you ever had a vision? Yes, a real vision; not the kind of vision birthed by company marketing directors nor those instilled into congregations by ambitiously zealous preachers. I’d mischievously call both of the latter ego visions, financial, five-year, business plans for growth.

While we’re on the subject, I do sometimes wonder how such a profit producing business model got transplanted onto faith communities in the first place? Via their slick, new, entrepreneurial pastors perhaps? Well, that’s a critical topic for further discussion, perhaps in my next book!

People who’ve analysed their way through the Jewish and Christian Scriptures reckon that up to a third of them can be classified as either visions, dreams or prophecy. That sounds kind of risky to me. If I’d been the Divine Author I’d have made sure that they were full of theological treatises and a multitude of rules about how to live. But thankfully I wasn’t and so we’ve ended up with this very subjective content in the evolving Jewish/Christian God story that we call The Bible.

It would appear then that God isn’t one bit scared of visions, dreams or prophecies unlike most of His followers. ‘Sola Scriptura’ or ‘by Scripture Alone’ is the cry of the conservative Christian and yet Scripture itself is full of some very unusual, extra-sensory material.

Ok then, let’s get down to some serious questions and answers on visions.

Are followers of Yeshua able to receive personal visions from the Holy Spirit/Breath?

Yes. The guys in the New Testament era did, so why not us?

Is there the danger of us going off the religious rails if we ‘see’ visions?

Yes, but then so can a fundamentalist who wouldn’t recognise a vision if it hit them on his theologically filled head.

What is a vision?

It’s a pictorial mental image that conveys relevant Divine Wisdom or Truth.

How do I know it’s just not my imagination?

God uses the imagery section of the brain to communicate with us so their is nothing inherently wrong with imagination. It’s just a tool, a big plasma screen in our heads that can be used by Spirit to project His images.

Yes, but how do we be sure that our selfish ego hasn’t planted the vision on the screen?

Usually a Spirit vision catches us totally unawares for a brief second or two; in other words we haven’t had time to manufacture it.

Does it only happen when I pray or meditate?

No. A vision can happen anywhere and at any time. Some of mine come to me in the morning as I’m cleaning my teeth in the bathroom. Waking up time is a good time to expect pictorial communication from Spirit as your conscious mind hasn’t yet resumed control of your brain activity.

Should I expect rapturous feelings or uncontrollable weeping when I receive a vision?

Probably not, but you may feel a tingle down your spine or the hairs of your neck standing up. Our bodies are tuned to react to an encounter with Spirit, no matter how brief, in some sensational way.

What am I to do after I have a vision?

Ask Divine Love for the interpretation.

Why? Will it not be obvious?

No. The Divine Spirit often uses symbolic imagery to communicate truth to us; the Bible itself is full of lambs, flying winged creatures, coloured horses, with even a scarlet woman thrown in for good measure.

How do I discover the meaning of the imagery?

Please don’t buy any of those spiritual books that make their authors a fortune and thoroughly confuse you. The imagery is usually very personal to you and given a little time the various interpretations of characters or scenes in your vision will be deposited into your conscious mind.

What is the vision for?

It’s usually sent to encourage you that you’re on the right path in your spiritual journey. Occasionally it can be a warning to be careful of someone who has just recently popped into your life. Sometimes it contains an element that tells you what lies up ahead for you in the near or distant future. It usually confirms your already recognised sense of purpose.

How will I feel afterwards?

You will feel at peace; definitely not fearful. Divine Love in its perfection casts out fear. If it’s an extremely graphic vision yet produces fear forget it – you won’t offend God by ignoring it as He most definitely didn’t send it. Spirit isn’t into the fear business contrary to popular belief.

Will the Divine try again if I don’t acknowledge the vision?

Yes. Spirit Source is extremely patient and loves communicating with us. The vision may just cling to our consciousness over a period of a few weeks until we take it seriously. Sometimes Spirit will try again in another form if we don’t ‘get it’, perhaps by transferring the vision into the dream realm.

Can you give me an example of a vision you’ve had?

Yes, gladly.

Recently I was standing in my bathroom, shaving, when suddenly I saw in my mind’s eye a swan trying to take off over water. The vision ran like a short YouTube clip, the swan eventually getting airborne and flying gracefully over the water. Almost immediately the vision’s interpretation flowed into my consciousness bringing with it great sense of encouragement.

Later that morning I opened up my daily newspaper to see a photograph of two swans flying low above a river. The relevant caption explained that they were arriving for the new breeding season.

The following day I was visiting Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire when I saw two large swans attempting to get airborne over a long stretch of river.

I kindly told the Divine I’d received the message loud and clear. No more swans please.

Is this vision thing OK since we now have the Bible to read?

Yes. Yeshua Himself mentioned that Spirit would come and lead us into all truth, revealing the Abba of Divine Love to us; not just by interpreting previous visions but through us having our own.

How long are we to dwell on the vision?

It may be related to a long-term issue or be of immediate relevance. The effect of these short-term visions usually stay with me for a week or so, giving me time for further silent meditation when the power contained in the vision gets a chance to flow into my inner being.

May I conclude this chapter by humbly reassuring my dear Evangelical Christian friends that I still read the Bible, a unique book that inspires millions; it’s much more exciting now that it’s escaped the interpretation of professional preachers.



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