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The Divine Touch

The Divine Touch

Throughout history, the mystics of all religions have experienced a Divine Communication beyond words. Today we in the Western, and indeed world-wide, religious environs are constantly bombarded by a multiplicity of words. The proliferation of mass media has been an answer to the spiritual teacher’s prayer. Literally, millions of books, pod-casts, blogs, sermons, costly seminars, YouTube videos, CDs etc, are regularly hawked to help us get in touch with God. It would appear that God needs a major commercial helping hand in order to communicate the message of Divine Love to His word hungry kids, but that’s a post for another day.

But what if instead of learning how to tune into an occasional message from God we learned to continually relax in Divine Presence by totally changing our perception of Spirit and how or why it communicates. If we underwent this seismic shift in our transcendent thinking our wallets would be a bit more available to the poor and a lot less open to the ‘professional’ religious or New Age gurus who enjoy the money driven high-life.

So what am I suggesting?

Well, as we all know, a good relationship depends on clear and consistent communication. So if our Source hopes to enjoy one with us then such a clarity of dialogue must surely issue from the Divine Heart.

Ah, but God has already spoken in the Sacred Writings you say! ‘I believe every jot, word and tittle of the Holy Bible, Koran, Vedas, or Book of my choice.’ Well OK, I can go along with that but does that mean that in pursuing intimacy with us Sacred Breath only spouts Holy Texts. If we want to hear the Divine must we study and limit ourselves to the sacred texts? If a young man is deeply in love with a young woman is he limited to reading her love letters, rather than calling her on the phone or even better, meeting and embracing his beloved cheek to cheek? Somehow I suspect that such a letter reading relationship wouldn’t last for long.

It’s here that Christians step in to say that God has also spoken to mankind by visiting us in the form of Yeshua, the Nazarene prophet-teacher. Yep I can also go along with that. The Logos, the Greek designed Word or expression of the Divine animating principle of the Cosmos, became flesh and dwelt among us. A fleshed out expression of the Divine Nature. Yet, he is not with us in visible form today. How do we have a relationship with a Master that we can no longer feel and touch? Some have suggested ‘obedience’ to his teachings as the key, but is that authentic relationship or just another religious duty to the unseen and distant God.

Well Yeshua himself seemed to suggest some answers to our predicament in the form of Sacred Breath or Spirit Wind. No-one can see wind but they can certainly feel it. Is there some way that we can feel Divine Presence where words become almost irrelevant. Like two lovers sitting and holding hands, reading each others thoughts through some form of love-struck telepathy may we not also feel the Presence of  Sacred Unity, the One who has chased us down through the years. That sense of knowing that we are loved, rather than the forced mind games of believing that we are loved.

So are words important?

Well yes and no!

God is a God of few words but also One of overflowing Presence, a companion who takes us to a place where speech becomes almost unnecessary. A state of confidence birthed by Divine initiative, the fruit of Divine longing, a longing to embrace and saturate the Sons and Daughters of His Desire. Many claim to have come home to God. Perhaps it is God who has come home to us, his chosen resting place in the unbounded open spaces of our multidimensional Cosmos. It’s what Source has always longed for; an extended expression of itself to Love and Nurture, a companion to ride alongside on the Spirit Plains of Being, the great expanse of Divine Communion.

Queen’s Freddie Mercury once sang, ‘I need somebody to love’. Perhaps the greatest Lover of all is in the same boat, which might just explain why we’re here at all, waiting in the Spirit of saturated Silence.


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