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In the last post, through an understanding of our fragmented ego and its previously hidden subpersonalities, we were able to reintegrate our psyche firstly by means of an external (therapist) followed by an internal (Higher Self or I), authentic unifying centre.

This realignment of the psyche with our Higher Self or spirit, can I believe only come about through the mysterious process of mimesis. Mimesis, or mimetic desire, is simply the usually unconscious gravitational pull of  another’s desire upon our own.

Let’s give a simple example.

A young single man knows a young lady to whom he is not drawn relationally. His closest friend suddenly and unexpectedly announces his courtship of the young lady in question. Strangely something starts to take a foothold within the previously uninterested young man. A desire begins to stir within for the already spoken for young lady and so begins the rivalry love triangle made famous by playwrights throughout the ages.

What accounts for this sudden shift of desire. Has the young lady in question had a make-over and a personality transplant. No, our subject has been infected by the desire of his now romantic friend. Like a strong magnet, his friends desire has aligned his own in the direction of the now common target – the affections of the young lady.

Such a malevolent mimetic process is the core of the human condition.

What has this to do with our realignment of  psyche and spirit? Namely this: the mimetic process, although now skewed in dysfunctional humanity,was originally a Divine gift, granted for our contentment and well being. Spirit, due to its Divine Source is a powerful desire magnet in comparison that of the fragmented ego.

When the reintegration of our psyches begins the mimetic power of the spirit Higher Self kicks in to hold the newly formed psychic family together. Our spirit’s desire for unity and unconditional love infects the newly reconciled subpersonalities bringing a feeling of wholeness to our psyche.

From where does our human spirit obtain its healing magnetism?

Simply put, from its Source, the Divinity from whom it was birthed. The Divine mimetic power was replicated in the spirit of man.

The Divine purpose all along has been the individual alignment of psyche and spirit with His Spirit. Such is the message of the Eden story where Divinity communed with mankind before his desire centre was skewed through the magnetic mimesis of the adversarial serpent.

As seekers of Truth we are simply asked to allow our ‘desire’ centers to be realigned in the direction of the Divine magnetic flux – to live and move and have our being in the sea of Divine Desire.

The result of this spiritual mimesis will be seen by all as we reflect the image of our Divine Source.

Maybe at last they will say ‘You’re Just Like Your Father in Heaven’


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In the last post we saw how the reintegration of the subpersonalities within our fractured psyche is the path to psychological and spiritual healing. Yeshua ate with the diverse outcasts of His day: similarly we are to learn to embrace these broken parts of our psyches and welcome them Home.

How are we to practically do this?

Once a subpersonality is identified by observation, we can start a dialogue with it. Ideally this is done in the presence of an authentic unifying centre.

What or who is such a centre?

When the initial fragmentation of the developing psyche took place it was in response to the withdrawal of unconditional Love by a parent or significant ‘other’. If this Love had not been withdrawn then the parental figure would have fulfilled the role of  an authentic unifying centre; a role that is vital for the health development of the young psyche. Unconditional Love maintains the unity of the psyche despite the pressures that it faces.

In the healing of the adult, but subpersonality – ridden, psyche such an authentic unifying centre proves vital, replaying the initial role of the adult’s parent.

Who can operate as a unifying centre?

In theory anyone who operates out of unconditional Love. Practically speaking though an experienced therapist or counsellor may be the first one to participate in the role of a ‘healing parent’.

The safety of unconditional Love enables the previously hidden and fearful subpersonality to emerge from the Shadows of our unconscious. Such love enables the little one to express its energy and pain, the core of its character and its reason detre.

How can this subpersonality manifest?

I believe such a subpersonality screams out for recognition. Prior to the Presence of unconditional Love its manifestation was that of a wounded animal, always wary of danger and further rejection, ready to attack in defense before scurrying off back into the Shadows of our pain.

In the Presence  of unconditional Love, the subpersonality comes out of hiding and expresses its nature through emotion, bodily sensations and often visualisation. Under the guidance of a trained therapist the history of the survival personality can be brought into the Light without any fear of rejection. Like the gushing of a new oil well, the healing of such a survival personality can be dramatic and almost instantaneous.

Once the pressure cooker of buried emotion is released the subpersonality is ready to take its place around the psyche’s table with all its healed compatriots.

Who is to host such a meal for the soul?

The answer to that comes in the next post.

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In my last post in this series we looked at the initial step in dealing with our survival sub-personalities viz observation.

Once we can identify a number of these ‘mini-me’s we are on the road to receiving healing.

As we saw previously many of these little defensive personalities within have been created through trauma, often mimicking the behaviour of our parents that we believe will cause them to love us. This bondage to the self of ‘the other’ is, I believe, the root of much of our psychological pain.

Where then does spirituality come into this healing process?

One unusual characteristic of Yeshua was Hs willingness to eat with the social outcasts of His day, with those commonly referred to as ‘sinners’ by the establishment’s religious power-brokers. Annoyed by the Nazarene’s transgression of their fellowship code Yeshua’s critics continually tried to drag Him back into line regarding their status-quo morality and so-called  orthodoxy.

A key to Yeshua’s world view and the Kingdom that he proclaimed was social and spiritual integration.

I believe that such welcoming integration is the principle of all healing, spiritual, psychological and physical.

So what are we to do with the sub-personalities that we’ve recently identified as part of our psyche?

Firstly we are to recognise and welcome them as part of  ourselves. Imagine a scene in ancient Palestine where Yeshua is lying on a couch, eating with prostitutes, extortionists and the general ‘lowlife’ of His day. Yeshua saw something deeply appealing and valuable, yet often wounded in His fellow guests. The road to their healing lay not in religious demands but in eating in the Presence of unconditional Love.

The same holds true for our fragmented psyche with its  strong survival sub-personalities. Each of  them has a light and dark side that contributes to our survival under stressful replays of their original birth trauma.

When I slip into my ‘father’s’ withdrawn sub-personality I exercise a form of detachment to avoid the rejection I perceive coming my way. Such a detachment has its plus side. Violent verbal or physical exchanges will probably be avoided. On the negative side the detachment leads to a lack of engagement with the issues involved and constructive dialogue.

Once the pluses and negatives of our sub-personalities, unearthed from the dark layers of our subconscious are identified we can welcome them into the ‘family’ circle that communes without condemnation or self judgement. Another step to healing has been taken.

What are we to do with the often demanding energies of the now identified subpersonalities?

More of that in the next post.

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