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In these dark, somewhat dismal days of winter our appreciation for the balmy sunlit days of summer knows no bounds. In the darkness we yearn for the light and warmth of Nature’s greatest gift, that burning gaseous globe, aptly known as ‘sun’.

As with our space-time environment so too with our inner world and its accompanying darkness. In the gloomy caverns of our wounded psyche-soul, we seek a Light, one to relieve us of our heaviness of spirit. The trinkets offered by the commercial and social world of man don’t do it for us, leaving us with a yearning for something deeply authentic and pure.

I believe this balm to be the illumination of Divine Love, the Source Light from which the spark of our Being has sprung.

When the Light touches us we know it. A resonance reverberates around our inner Self, one that cries ‘Yes’ to the approaches of Spirit Breath. A knowing enters our unknowing Self, an inspiration that rings true to the very roots of our deepest core. We have touched base with the ‘Other’, that previously hidden Light that energizes us with its own Life and Light.

We cannot receive this illumination by our ego efforts to study and focus on the one known as God. It is a gift, but one that is given freely to those with an open and honest heart. It’s worth is more than all the silver and gold of men, a priceless sense that all is well and shall be well. A transfused trust that a greater Reality and indeed a greater Being lies behind this vale of tears.

May we all have these flashes of illumination in the new year approaching. May they initiate us into a new sense of Self, our fellow-man and most importantly of all our Divine Lover.







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