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We all get exhausted from time to time.

It’s the body’s way of telling us that something’s up; the early warning system that all is not well in our psycho-spiritual world.

Guilt and shame lead us to exhaustion, hoping that it will be the death of us.

Yet, exhaustion can be a door to an awakening, a whole new look at what we’re about and where we’re going. Please let me explain.

Lurking behind exhaustion there often lies a dysfunctional relationship, one into which we’re pouring huge amounts of our psychic and physical energy. A Black-Hole of sorts, that will never be satisfied.

The result of such a flow of personal energy is  a lack of Self-Awareness. We’ve decreased our Self in order to enhance the other. Disguised as devoted love, this promotion of the other to the detriment of our own psycho-spiritual well-being is a one way trip to a personal hell, one fired with confusion and despair.

Thankfully, Divine Love has other plans for us. Created as an energy spark of the Fire of Spirit, we have a most precious pedigree. WE are not slaves, either to our condemning ego nor the misperceptions of others. In the midst of mess we can hold our head high once we realise the Womb from which we sprang. We have divine blood running through the veins of our Being. We are only here because of Divine source, with our own scripted Divine Purpose.

Of course many of us, get waylaid at times, swamped by the sea of human demands that press for our attention, often in the guise of loving our neighbour. I’m afraid that those of us of a religious or spiritual bent are often the easiest targets for such misconceived interpretations of what it is to love. Egged on by the gurus of Self-sacrifice, often in an attempt to match the Love of the Nazarene, we take up our self-imposed cross, becoming door mats for our spouse, children or the psychic vampires drawn to our inner pol of life blood.

No, we’ve got it all wrong. We can only truly love others when we love our Self, recognising the priority that our Creator Source places on us his psycho-spiritual work of art. Exhausting ourselves in the frenzy of loving others is no love, but rather a form of Self-punishment and rejection.

Time perhaps to rediscover the sacred space within, where two become One. From this place of Union, this inner knowing that we matter,we set out once more to touch humanity, not as a Self-less slave but as a fellow traveller in the Divine Flow.

The energy for love comes from Love. It’s first-love is the one called You. Get this right and our physical, psychological and spiritual exhaustion will be a thing of the past.

Release the blocked energy of your Divine purpose today and show your Self some respect. Others will thank you for it.

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x Dylan


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