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Hello fellow travelers.

I’m a spiritual writer, originally from Northern Ireland, now resident in Lincoln, England. My autobiography, ‘The Prodigal Prophet’, which has been recently published by UK micro publisher Night Publishing. It’s a remarkable story; a cross between ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and  ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ – a roller-coaster journey through a maze of religious belief.

I’ve been a zealous Evangelical,Charismatic Christian, a disillusioned agnostic, a burnt-out school teacher, psychology devotee and more recently the receiver of two profound spiritual experiences. I feel a deep empathy with all those who’ve been damaged by religion of all varieties, especially those led by charismatic gurus whether Christian, Islamic or Eastern.

I believe that when all the irrelevant bath water is thrown out, a deeply precious and profound ‘baby’ is left. If you can identify with my disillusionment with rigid religion and my continuing hunger for reality,then please join in the conversation!

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